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Acroland Timbers Pvt. Ltd. is a privately owned company that manufactures high quality wooden pallets for logistics and pharmaceutical companies across the country. Founded in 2014, Acroland has emerged as one of the top players in the packaging industry with top rung clients like CHEP Brambles, Leap India, Parikh Packaging, Intas and Cadila on their roster.

Acroland is the only company in the country to have both the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certificate) and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. This means that the wood used for Acroland pallets is entirely sourced from sustainable and renewable forests, thus being environmentally responsible too.

Based out Gandhidham in Gujarat, Acroland has a geographical edge over competition. We pass on this advantage to our client by helping them improve efficiencies by bringing down transportation costs and time, due to this proximity to port of import. The diversity of this thriving port city, also means that we acquire manpower and other resources efficiently, and pass on these benefits to our clients as well.

Anuj Manglik

A director with Green Gold Timbers and the founding partner of Acroland Timbers, Mr. Anuj Manglik is a mechanical engineer from Manipal Institute of Technology and also holds a master’s degree in business management (major in finance) from TAPMI. He has honed his entrepreneurial skills under his father and founder-chairman of Green Gold, Mr. Akhilesh Manglik, taking forward the company’s vision and playing a key role in the modernization of plant and machinery, as well as overall infrastructure for the organization.

In his 25 years in the industry, Mr Anuj has been instrumental in defining the company’s technology and product strategy. As a director, he is result-driven, self-motivated and resourceful, with the proven ability to develop and strengthen the production team in order to maximise the company’s profitability and efficiency.

Rashi Manglik

Rashi is the founding-director of Acroland and heads the marketing and client acquisition segments of the company. She started her career in the timber business in 1999 at Green Gold Timbers Pvt. Ltd. in the finance and administration department. Rashi was responsible in bringing in major clients like Intas Pharma, Cadila, Parekh Packaging, Reliance Industries, Chep Brambles and Leap India to Acroland.

A commerce graduate from St. John’s College in Agra, Rashi has helped maximize Acroland’s true potential in an industry that is largely scattered and unorganized. One with a futuristic vision for the long-term growth of Acroland, Rashi is a proponent of automation in manufacturing. Her focus is to make Acroland a globally-recognised company and open doors to the world.

Ajay Mahajan

Ajay is a director with Acroland Timber and manages the production process and business development of the company. He is a dynamic professional who brings to the table his 15+ years of experience of working in Relationship Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Team Management in India and the United Arab Emirates.

While he completed his graduation from his native state Jammu & Kashmir, he earned his master’s degree in computer applications from Bharti Vidyapeeth in Pune. Skilled in managing banking operations and business development for SMEs, Ajay is known for his knack in achieving his targets within the given time frame, building dynamic sales teams to increase revenue and cementing healthy professional relationships with various clients to maintain long-time business and achieve corporate goals.

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