The Best Qualities & Uses Of Wooden Euro Pallets AKA Pinewood Pallets

The Best Qualities & Uses Of Wooden Euro Pallets AKA Pinewood Pallets

Euro Pallet

The Eur-Pallet is commonly known as Euro-pallet, EPAL-Pallet or Pinewood Pallets. As per the European Pallet Association (EPAL), Euro-Pallet is the standard European Pallet. The Pallet that inclines to specifications described by EPAL is eligible for the European Pallet Pool(EPP). EPP is a system that allows for an exchange as “pallet for pallet”. 


The use of the Euro-pallet dates back to the wooden pallets in railway transport. Wooden Euro Pallets used at that time did not have good quality. This brought the European railways to commission the standardization of a common pallet type. The standardization made most of the European industry switch to Euro-pallets with trucks, forklifts, and high-rack warehouses. 


The Qualities Of Wooden Euro Pallets

Wooden Euro Pallets have been the best-loved among all manufacturers. They provide the features that plastic pallets fail to offer. They are easily repairable and have low initial costs. Other Qualities that make Wooden Euro Pallet important are:

  1. Longevity:

Wooden pallets are more durable than plastic pallets. The Wooden Euro Pallet has always stood the test of time.

  1. A Cost Friendly:

The Wooden Euro Pallet has a cost-saving feature. It is repairable, so the broken pallets can be used again after being repaired.

  1. Conserve Energy 

Wooden Euro Pallet is a 100% recyclable option. These pallets are eco-friendly and do not cause any damage to the environment.

Euro Epal Pine Wood Pallet and its qualities:

Pinewood pallets are in high demand these days. These pallets are used widely in both domestic and commercial areas. The quality of being feasible anywhere makes it a widely used pallet. Since you already know the primary use of pallets in logistics, check out some other uses of Pinewood or Euro Pallets.

Uses of Pinewood Pallets/Euro Pallets

  1. Display Case: Pinewood Pallet is used in making display cases in your kitchen that help in placing different plates, platters, dishes, and other utensils in an organized way.

            Flexible shelves can also be created to handle things, conveniently. 

  1. Shoe Racks: These wooden pallets are used in constructing customized shoe racks in various designs. Shoes can be placed systematically as they are quite durable and can stand great weights. You can also use waterproof sealants to enhance the moisture-resisting characteristics of Pinewood Pallet.
  1. Garage Racks: Finding some problems in keeping your tools or equipment properly? You can now do it very conveniently. Store your tools and equipment in your garage on these shelves made from pinewood pallets. Your hammers, screwdrivers, and other items can be arranged artistically and efficiently. 

Ultimately, for any use, wood is the better choice than plastic or any other material. Being affordable and ecological, wooden pallets have been a long-standing choice for their users. The benefits of these pallets make them a favorite option for most manufacturers. 

Top 6 Ways To Repurpose Wooden Pallets


Top 6 Ways To Repurpose Wooden Pallets


If you don’t already know, wooden pallets are produced to help with the logistics of heavy goods. But thankfully, today, they serve a lot of purposes. Since there is so much import and export there is always a huge demand for wooden pallets. And when there is a huge demand it is always met by a huge supply, and that huge supply is bound to leave a lot of used products. Such products should always be recyclable or they slowly start affecting our environment. 

We all know that wood can be recycled, but the best part is before recycling it (which needs more energy) we can also upcycle it.    

Now, what is Upcycling? 

When a product has served its primary purpose, it can be reused to make another product of a higher value. It does not need all the energy required to recycle it, all it requires is some creativity, and voila! 

So what are we waiting for, let’s take a good look at how the wooden pallets are being recycled in numerous innovative ways.



You can easily make a bookshelf using wooden palettes. It’s cheaper and looks a lot more charming and creative. You can always paint the bookshelf to suit the colour of your room so it fits in seamlessly. Adding a great touch of plants or decorative pieces will really enhance the look. 

Wine Rack


Isn’t it pretty funky and cool? It is surely the perfect way to display your wine collection along with some beautiful wine glasses. It is also one of the easiest ways to upcycle wooden pallets.



It is the most sophisticated of all planters we see around us. Along with its stunning looks, it’s also quite durable. For a more rustic look, you can leave it the way it is or color it. Just make sure it esthetically blends in your environment. You can use it in your garden, living room, washroom, or even in the kitchen so you can get fresh herbs from your planter whenever you want. Did you ever

think wooden palettes that have already served their purpose could be used for making such elegant products?

Wooden Chair


Put some effort into making this sophisticated wooden chair and then relax all day on it. A chic chair like this made from wooden palettes will upgrade the look of your home. Just make sure you choose the cushion covers and the colour of the paint for your chare wisely. 

Coffee Table


Be it for indoor or outdoor, it is proven to be very useful furniture. It doesn’t matter if you like coffee or not (though I think everyone does) you still need a coffee table. The original design of the wooden palette and its rustic colour adds to the beauty of your home. 

Outdoor Furniture


When it comes to repurposing something into something so useful it doesn’t just remain a craft project. There is nothing better than making a piece of very functional and elegant furniture for your home with a wooden palette that does not serve any purpose anymore. It is a perfect low budget and low effort furniture. 

Know Both The Sides To Choose The Right

Know Both The Sides To Choose The Right 

Usage of pallets as an integral component in the supply chain is unquestionable, but what is questionable or rather a difficult choice is which ones to buy- wood pallets or plastic ones?

As per the market study, wooden pallets hold about 70% of the market share in the pallet industry thereby making it the obvious choice for most of the manufacturers for their supply chain. The fact is that each type of pallet has its own set of advantages & disadvantages.

Wooden pallets


Cost effective: Wooden pallet prices are three times cheaper than plastic pallets, but that should not deter you from exploring plastic ones. 

Load bearing capacity: They can hold a lot more weight and can be further strengthened and built to support heavier weights.

Reusable, Recyclable & Repairable: Buy wooden pallets as they can be used multiple times and for various purposes. In case it sustains damage, it can be repaired. When a wooden pallet is beyond repairs, it can be ground up into mulch or garden furniture or a pet bedding, until it finally decomposes and returns to the earth.

Eco-friendly/Environmental: Wooden pallet price is less and it is also eco-friendly. Contrary to the common belief that “wooden pallets facilitate deforestation”, the reality is trees aren’t felled specifically to make pallets, forests are actively managed, and they are only harvested to make building materials and furniture. Pallets are created out of their leftover lumber. The wood for pallets is harvested from renewable and sustainable forests. It has a zero carbon footprint. 

Flexibility in design: The flexibility in designing of a wooden pallet makes it a popular choice amongst the wooden pallet manufacturers to support heavyweights of their product without significant cost addition. On the contrary, a plastic pallet is way expensive if the customization is needed. The dye cast of plastic pallets is capital intensive and the production is restricted to a particular design. 


Wooden pallets are heavier than plastic pallets.

Since wood is a cellulose material, it can become food for insects and molds.  

Wooden pallets can splinter & damage the product. Though this happens only when the pallets are poorly constructed, carrying the wrong load for the pallet configuration or when the pallet is improperly loaded, unloaded and moved. 


Plastic Pallets


Plastic pallets are generally lighter than wooden pallets, although it greatly depends on what kind of plastic is used. 

It is easier to clean and sterilize plastic pallets since it is nonporous. It cannot be devoured by insects or fungi. 

It is weather resistant, though only up to a point.


Plastic pallets can’t be repaired as easily as wooden pallets. And there isn’t much that one can do to fix them. Most plastic pallets have lesser strength and usually hold up to 700 kgs. 

Plastic pallets are 3-5 times costlier than their wooden counterparts.

Plastic pallet price is 3 times more than wooden pallet price

The dye casts have to be made every time a new pallet is designed. This becomes expensive as well as time consuming.

More specifically plastic pallets are made from HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (HDPE) which is created from petroleum or natural gas and that brings up a point about sustainability. Plastic pallets are not particularly eco friendly.

High loss to cost ratio: In case you have an open-loop shipping system, the loss of an expensive pallet due to no-return policy or forwarding to other businesses might make you look for a better option. 

Hope this article can help you decide the right pallet type for you! 

How Does Wooden Pallet Help Conserve The Environment?

How Does Wooden Pallet Help Conserve The Environment?

It is widely presumed that the manufacturing of wooden pallets leads to deforestation. However, it’s about time we broke that misconception and give you more insight into how the wooden pallet industry works. 

It is one of the most sustainable industries that, in reality, assists in saving the environment and not otherwise. Production of wooden palettes does require the harvesting of natural resources and there is no doubt about it. But the practices used in that kind of harvesting are ecologically responsible. And it’s not just the harvesting or the manufacturing practices that we keep our close eye on, but how we can repair them to use again. Moreover, the industry also thinks about how wooden palettes can be upcycled, so they don’t end up in landfills but can be used in a creative way. 

Let us quickly jump into the details of how exactly the wooden pallet industry works towards maintaining the health and beauty of our planet. Also, why you should only buy wood pallets


If it just sounds like a few alphabets and numbers jumbled up, then let us tell you what it means for us and the entire wooden palette industry.

The full form of ISPM-15 is International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures-15. It is an International Phytosanitary Measure that was developed in 2002 by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC). It describes the measures that need to be taken in order to reduce the risk of the spread of pests in the raw wood. ISPM-15 saves the products that are transported with wooden palettes or packaging from any harm that the pests might cause. But the main question is, how does it help in conserving our environment?

It prevents our environment from the spread of invasive species, the species that can damage the environment. These species easily migrate into a non-native habitat and kill the nature and species that are native to that habitat. The invasion of such species disturbs the ecological balance.   

Zero Waste 

Wood is a renewable resource, it is biodegradable and has innumerable uses. Therefore, one thing we can assure you is that wooden palettes leave Zero Waste. Since even after being used, it is repaired and used again. Once the wooden palettes are completely irreparable, they are upcycled creatively and are taken into various uses like home or garden furniture. And when that wood can not be taken into any other uses, it is turned into mulch and even that mulch has numerous uses.  

Hence, needless to say, each and every business should consider our nature, our environment, and our planet. If we keep them healthy, they will keep us healthy! We all need to understand that or we will lose a lot more than we can fathom.  

All companies should be environmentally conscious and incorporate sustainability into their business practices. And all ecologically sound companies should only buy wooden pallets and wooden packaging for transporting their goods both nationally and internationally.