Euro Pallets

Most Widely Used Exchange Pallet
EPAL Euro pallets are the most widely used pallets for logistics across the globe. Acroland excels in making Euro size wooden pallets conforming to the standards of European Pallet Association (EPAL). We make Euro Pallets in 1200 X 1000 and 1200 X 800 sizes (Block Pallets). These pallets can be both two-way and four-way entry, whichever option the client goes for.

Stringer Pallets

Most sought after by FMCG industries
Stringer pallets, as the name goes, are pallets whose deck-boards are supported by ‘stringers’ or long blocks of wood on the side and in the middle. They are generally two-way entry pallets manufactured majorly for distribution centers and food and beverage manufacturing plants, conforming to the standards of GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association). Acroland makes 48 X 40 stringer pallets.

Block Pallets

Strong and solid, ensures safety of goods
Block pallets are generally four-way pallets that are usually considered stronger than stringer pallets and thus used to transport heavy materials. They utilize both parallel and perpendicular stringers in order to facilitate its efficient handling. It can be entered from any side with a fork-lift or a pallet-jack while lifting it. Acroland manufactures Block pallets of 48 X 40 and 1140 X 1140 sizes.

Customized Pallets

Design and structure, as you like it
Some manufacturers and firms prefer getting their own pallets manufactured as per the size and strength requirement of their product or goods that is to be transported. We build customized pallets as per the needs and requirements of the clients, whether it’s a block pallet or a stringer pallet, taking into account the type of goods the pallet would be carrying, the area and size of the warehouse where it would be stocked and the quality of wood the client prefers the pallet to be made of.

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